Teen Queen ? is the ultimate makeup workshop for young girls to learn basic makeup skills for a natural look they can achieve at home.
We will also look at skin types and the best products to help them, from teen acne to redness and sunscreens.
We will advise what products suit you and the tools needed to apply them. the knowledge and skills learned in this workshop will allow you to make informed decisions next time you go shopping. And you will know exactly how to apply the flawless look you have always desired with all the pro tips.
Topics include:
Skin: caring for your skin and prep for makeup application
Facial Features: enhancing your features.
Foundation: colour selection and keeping it fresh
Eyebrows: shape and enhance
Eyes shadow: Colours just for you and application techniques
Blush: colour selection and blending
Lips: Colours, lip liners, gloss and balms

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