Beckam loves wearing glasses! He like to wear them upside down and make the funniest faces and wait for everyone to laugh.

It’s always a 50/50 chance if Beckam’s kisses are going to be a real kiss or a mouth wide open kiss, or a full lick to the face ?

Strivectin Neck Cream – this stuff is gold.


The older I get the more I pay attention to taking care of my skin. I wish I would have started younger. It would have saved me a few extra wrinkles ? but it’s better now than later. I was recently reading this article about all the negative effects your excessive cell phone has on your body. YIKES! I know I’m not the only one, but pretty much my whole business revolves around my phone: texts, emails, social media, etc. Sometimes I honestly feel guilt about it, because I am so attached to my devices. Work feels like a 24-hour thing, and I have had to set timeframes and schedules so I can try to really balance my life or else the whole day slips away and I don’t even realize it.

It’s not just our phones, but tv, computers, etc. – so many of our favorite tech devices have negative effects on our body. But let’s face it, anything extreme can be bad, so here are a few of my guilty vice and solutions to improve them.

  1. Binging on your favorite TV show: When the newest season of your favorite tv show finally hits Netflix, it might take a miracle to pull you away from your screen after just one episode, but after 30 minutes of sitting your metabolism slows down by 90%. Your metabolism slows naturally as it ages so no need to rush the process! If you’re going to hit “Next Episode”, get up and do some squats or crunches while you watch.
  2. Being glued to your phone all day: The average person looks down at their phone 221 times a day. (Working from home and relying so much on my phone for everything, I might be double that!) Looking down so much during the day can lead to tech neck – those annoying lines and wrinkles on your neck – but, as much as I rely on my phone for work I can’t really avoid it. I had always heard that any skincare product you apply to your face you should also use on a neck but there are actually products made specifically for your neck – the skin on your neck is thinner and has fewer oil glands so it’s more prone to aging. I just started using this Strivectin neck cream increases skin elasticity which helps smooth the appearance of those annoying horizontal neck lines. I love how lightweight and hydrating it is – my skin felt so much softer and it softened my lines.
  3. Your nightly social media scan: You might think your nightly game of Candy Crush or just scrolling through your Instagram feed is the equivalent of counting sheep, but it’s actually having the reverse effect. Being on your devices before bed stimulates your brain making it harder to fall asleep – anyone else been up until 2am because their brain won’t slow down?! The sooner you kick the habit, the easier you’ll avoid those dark circles and puffy eyes.
  4. Werk, werk, werk, werk, werk: Your desk job or dependence on your laptop for work may be unavoidable, but being hunched over your work all day is! Bad posture habits now will lead to permanent posture later so find a way to get your job done without sacrificing posture. (A good chair and elevated computer screen will help!)
  5. Not knowing when to turn it off: Staring at a screen all day can really do a number on your vision, from causing dry eyes and eye strain to astigmatism and why start squinting before you have to? Don’t be afraid to disconnect and take a break from your electronics.

What are your guilty tech habits?

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