Getting Out the Door Fast: Makeup and Hair


When it comes to hair and makeup and getting ready to walk out the door and face your adoring public, there’s a belief that you can either look good or be done fast, but never both. In other words, you can slap something on your face and twist your hair back and be on the street in half an hour, or you can spend your whole morning primping carefully and show up in Crib Point an hour late for lunch.

This isn’t true, though; all it takes to look good fast are a few simple techniques. But if you don’t think you have the time to properly learn makeup ask yourself this: Do you have ten minutes? Because you can do your hair and makeup at a professional level in no time with the techniques and simple, drugstore products used in this video, which takes about ten minutes to watch:

Don’t Break the Bank

This video proves for once and for all that you don’t have to spend a fortune on specialised products or spend hours every day working on your face and hair. You can be ready for just about any occasion, looking just glam enough and having that special confidence the right look can give you, if you take the time to learn makeup and hair fundamentals.

So, here’s what’s used in this video:


• NYX Pore-Minimising Primer
• ELF Maximum coverage concealer (light)
• Tarte Brow Clay (taupe)
• Sigma Eyebrow Brush
• Stlia Eyeshadow Palette (In the Light)
• Revlon Shimmer Eyeshadow
• Essence Mousse Foundation (03 Honey)
• Ulta3 Lip and Cheek Creme (nude)
• Loreal Collegene 24 Mascara (black)
• NYX Lip Butter Gloss (cake)
• NYX Lip Liner (sand beige)


• Parlux Hair Dryer
• Caviar Blow Out Cream
• Breville Travel Hot rollers

As you can see, you can buy most of these items at the local druggist in Crib Point or anywhere without breaking the bank. And the results, as you can see in the video, are pretty spectacular considering the small time investment required.

Learn the Look

The lesson here is clear: It’s not always about how much you spend on product, or how much time you put into your look, but how you use the product you have and the tools you have on hand. You can pick up a lot of the techniques just from watching the video and replicating what you see. But if you really want to make those skills your own and truly learn makeup, consider taking a private makeup lesson with the Rogue Makeup Academy ( These casual, fun private lessons let you decide what you need help on and gain the crucial instruction and experience of a professional in a low-key environment that makes learning fun.

Review the video and try to capture the same look in the same time. When you know what you need help with, sign up for a private lesson that will take you to the next makeup level.

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